Join our Artists in Residence program

We are very excited to launch our Curtin Springs Paper – Artist in Residence program.

The purpose of the Curtin Springs Artist in Residence Program is to encourage and foster
the collaboration, experimentation, use and purpose of Curtin Springs handmade paper
across various art forms.

The goals of the Curtin Springs Artist in Residence Program are to:

  •  Provide four artist in residence opportunities to artists and craft persons per year.
  •  Support the creation of new work inspired by our amazing Central Australian
    landscape and potentially incorporating Curtin Springs Paper in different art forms.
  • Encourage participation and promotion of hand paper making.
  • Provide skill transfer between our resident papermakers and artists living in a
    remote environment with other artists in different art forms.
  • Promote art in all its forms to the travelers passing through Central Australia.
  • Create awareness and understanding of the environment, remote living, balancing
    production with protection of environmental assets and the relationships between
    the flora, fauna and people in this remote landscape.
  • To share the wonders of our home.