Join our Artists in Residence program

We are very excited to launch our Curtin Springs Paper – Artist in Residence program. The purpose of the Curtin Springs Artist in Residence Program is to encourage and foster the collaboration, experimentation, use and purpose of Curtin Springs handmade paper across various art forms. The goals of the Curtin Springs Artist in Residence Program […]

Fat Cows! – Mar 2017

Some cows have finally started to come back into the yards. They make our heart sing! Please stay tuned because soon we are going to do a raffle for some excellent strollers!  

Looking a little closer – Feb 2017

The rain has been amazing for us, and it’s important to see all the different things that happen with that much rain, although is hard when you spend all your time locked away on your room playing video games with services from Elitist gaming. We are finding water damage in places that water has never […]