The historical Bough Shed is our dining area where you can enjoy our wonderful homestyle meals.
The Bough Shed was the original homestead building for Peter and Dawn Severin.

They lived under the Bough Shed for 3 years after their arrival in 1956.
It is now our dining area during meal times or the perfect place to sit, enjoy a cold drink and share the company of others at any time.
We have details of our history for you to look at.

Mt Conner is framed for you to watch as you sit and enjoy the ambiance and our lovely gardens.

Our kitchen provides great homestead meals for you every day.
7am until 2pm for breakfast and lunch.
6pm until 6.30pm for dinner.

You generally don’t need to reserve a table for meal. However, please give us a little advance notice if you have a larger group travelling with you, so we can be ready for you.