Details about our campground.

The entire region of Central Australia has been so incredibly busy over the last several months as many Australian and international visitors have come to the have their last experience of climbing Ayers Rock (Uluru).

However, this is now starting to settle a little, with our campground and accommodation starting to free up. So those who are looking to visit during the next couple of weeks will have a few more options than we have had over the last several months!

Powered sites are still in very high demand and should be booked in advance.

This is the information for our unpowered campsites.

  • There is no charge for unpowered sites.
      • We do not take bookings or reservations for unpowered sites.
      • We do not allocate sites for the unpowered area.
      • They operate on a first in best dressed approach, so the earlier you arrive in the day, the more choice you will have of a site that will work for you.
      • Please DO NOT leave it until dark to arrive and then expect to be able to find an easy spot.
      • Please come into the store on arrival, so you can receive the information as to how the campground works and where you can go and set up for unpowered camping – and just as importantly – where you can’t set up. We will be asking visitors to  move if they set up in the incorrect spots.
      • There is a $3 per person per shower charge that applies to everyone staying in the campground, whether staying in powered or unpowered sites. The shower charges are payable in the store.

You can keep an eye on availability for powered sites through our website  as sometimes sites are cancelled and this is the best way to book them.

You are welcome to leave you pet secured at your campsite, however I’m sure you appreciate that we cannot take any responsibility for them. Many visitors in the campground do a swap/pet sitting service for each other, so it’s worth asking those you are camping near what their plans and take turns to look after each other’s pets.

We have a BBQ area that visitors are welcome to use, but we do not have a camp kitchen as such.

We are encouraging everyone to book every single thing that you wish to do while you are visiting our amazing part of the world. This includes things like Field of Lights, camel rides, helicopter flights etc. Anything on your list that can be booked, you should be booking it now. We want visitors to have an wonderful time during their visit and the best way to do that now is to  get it sorted well before you arrived in the region!

Yes, you can use a generator as long as it does not disturb others – eg by letting it run late into the evening.

Yes, you can have a fire, so collect your firewood before you get here. There is no firewood in the immediate vicinity, so collect it well before you arrive.

Please don’t take an axe or chainsaw to our trees in the campground!

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Other information. Mythbusting!

There is a common misconception that camping is allowed in the ‘road corridor’ in the NT.

This is not the case.

Please camp ONLY in the structured campsites and do not simply set up your camp anywhere the road.


As in force at 19 December 2018

Section 34 – Person or thing obstructing road

(1) A person must not enter or remain on a road (unless with the permission of the competent authority for the road) for the purpose of:

(b) erecting a structure; or

(d) camping.

(2) An authorised person may give a direction to a person who is contravening sub regulation (1) to leave the road or to remove a thing from the road.

(5) In this regulation: road includes a road-related area.

 The Australian Road Rules – Rule 13 provides a clear definition on a road related area.

13 What is a road-related area

(1) A road-related area is any of the following:

(a) an area that divides a road;

(b) a footpath or nature strip adjacent to a road;

(c) an area that is not a road and that is open to the public and designated for use by cyclists or animals;

(d) an area that is not a road and that is open to or used by the public for driving, riding or parking vehicles.

Any questions to be directed to

Department of Infrastructure, Planning & Logistics

Northern Territory Government

These are the other services and facilities at Curtin Springs.

Water is available at the amenities building. You can fill your tanks with our water, the cost is $10 per tank per fill.

Camping in the outback is all about getting red dirt in everything.

Your challenge could be – how many socks can you change the colour of during your trip?

To help you achieve some of these targets, none of our sites (either powered or unpowered) are grassed – the campground is all dirt. 

Limited shade is available – it takes a long time for trees to grow in the desert!

Beautiful sunshine is a great gift during the cooler months of the year, which is the busier time of our tourist season. 

You can dispose of your black water at Ayers Rock Resort or Alice Springs, please do not dump it anywhere else.

Come see us in the store when you arrive, so our team will show you where you can set up.

There are specific areas where you can camp and areas that are restricted.

Please protect your safety and our privacy by camping in the correct areas. You may be asked to move if you are not in the correct area.

Come up and join us for a cold drink and dinner after you day of exploring our amazing part of the country.

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