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Jasmine Jan – 26th Feb to 11th March 2018

Artform – Painting, Sculpture and Glass/Polymer Clay Jewellery

I am a visual artist who has worked in a number of mediums such as graphite, ink pen, coloured pencil, watercolour, pastel, mixed media, glass and polymer clay. My passion is wildlife and conservation and interpreting that through my arts practice. The last couple of years I have focused my arts practice on major community art and conservation education projects as part of my role as Artistic/Narrative officer at the Territory Wildlife Park. I have been more involved in the conceptual development of community art installations and then overseeing the project management of these installations working with other professional artists, crafters and members of the community. Two of the most recent major community art installations that I developed were the Crochet Coral Reef Project and the Atlas Moth Felted Forest project. I was also involved in the Howard Sand sheets Project responding to and creating a body of work (watercolour and coloured pencil botanical illustrations) depicting the flora of the Howard Sand sheets. I work both at the Territory Wildlife Park and from my studio/gallery located at Lambells Lagoon where I also run workshops in drawing and painting in a number of mediums.

I am looking forward to immersing myself in the Desert Landscape as I have lived most of my life in the tropics. I am keen to learn more about the plants, animals and landscapes of the Desert which are both foreign and fascinating to me. I am especially looking forward to learning more about how the botanical material of Curtin Springs is used to create the amazing papers as I have already been lucky to touch and work on some of the papers which are so textural and tactile and give a real sense of connection to the land. I am excited about future ideas being developed using handmade papers and taking my artistic practice in a completely new direction.

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Veronica Hodges – 1st to 18th March 2018

Artform – Hand Papermaker and Artist

I make handmade paper from recycling paper, cotton, denim and using plant fibres for pure plant fibre paper and artworks.  These unique papers can be used for love letter, cards, journals, photo books and more.  I envisage taking my Papermaking further in 2018 with creating sculptures and artworks.  I also like to paint in watercolours and mixed media.

I am looking forward to exploring the fibres of Curtin Springs, the colours and textures with a view to creating a body of work to exhibit  later in the year.  Collaborating with likeminded artists and papermakers to explore, create and develop.  Workshop to educate the public and exchange ideas and art forms.

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Kathy Carter – 1st to 18th March 2018

Artform – Papermaker and paper sculpture

The Northern Territory has been my home for 36 years, I live in Darwin with my husband Ray and spent 20 years working for the NT Government in a number of different departments and retired in 2015. My husband and I have travelled extensively around Australia, particularly in the last few years with our caravan, and have enjoyed many wonderful experiences along the way.

I volunteer at several places around Darwin, this gives me the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life and I enjoy these interactions.

Cooking is also a joy to me and I work on a casual basis with a catering company and love to see and try the food they prepare, always learning new recipes on the job. I also work as a casual tour guide with a cruise ship company. Guiding a bus load of tourists to the Territory Wildlife Park and showing these visitors to Darwin this special place showcasing the Territory’s flora and fauna is most rewarding.

With regard to creativity I am a self taught artisan who makes handcrafted paper using recycled materials, predominantly made into unique greeting cards, which I commenced more than 20 years ago for family and friends. I now sell these cards on a casual basis through my business, ‘Recycle Me Cards’ at local Darwin markets, art fairs and craft shop locations, including Parliament House through the Tactile Arts outlet. I also produce paper bowls, and sculptures using recycled paper pulp, also sold at local Top End markets and craft fairs. My cards, bowls and sculptures are created from recycled materials. The cards are all handcrafted with some sewing included and often incorporate leaves, bark, pressed flowers, coral, shells and other recycled and found objects to make beautiful original cards.

Recycling is something I try to promote through my market stalls and I always encourage others by suggesting ways they can reuse and recycle.

I am looking forward to meeting, exchanging and sharing ideas and processes of papermaking with other artists, tourists and people that live and work at Curtain Springs.

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Tamara Russell – 28th April to 15th May 2018

Artform – Textile Artist

Tamara Russell is a Textile Artist specialising in free machine embroidery and hand stitching based in Brunswick, Melbourne.

I explore my surroundings and interpret what I see through the medium of embroidery. In my works composition, I combine light, colour, shape and texture to recreate images that inspire me. I consider myself a painter using thread, an artist painting with a needle. My work has been exhibited in the United Kingdom and Australia.

My practice engages with the natural environment recreating the images and shapes in my embroidered works in both 2D and 3D form. I am not primarily a photographer but my photos are invaluable to me as a record of composition, colour and detail, supported by my sketches. Photos are my starting point as I explore my subject matter directly onto fabric, painting with a needle and thread.

Each piece uses photography, watercolour painting, beading, fabric, soluble backing, machine stitch and/or hand stitch, either alone or in combination. This creates depth, perspective and richness to the work and combines effectively to give detail and texture.

During my residency at Curtin Springs I am looking forward to learn the papermaking process, gaining an insight into local culture and meeting and working with local artists and to gain skills to incorporate into my own arts practice.

I am also looking forward to creating new work and collecting images and stories to bring home and use to create work reflecting my time spent in Central Australian. I always enjoy opportunities to learn, collaborate and share with other artists.


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Susan Hoy – 29th April to 13th May 2018

Artform – Paper sculpture and gouache painting

For the first part of my life I lived on England’s south coast, in the county of Hampshire, where the New Forest meets the sea.  Since 1994 my home has been in Mindarie on the West Coast of Australia, where suburbia meets the vast Indian Ocean.

My studio is at the very top of the house in a large attic space where the wind whistles and snoring dogs lie.

Inspiration is found in the colour, dramatic shape and light of the natural environment and the continual flow and movement of the ocean and wind.  My work plays with line, pattern and repetition. Although over the years I have worked with a variety of mediums, my current work is concerned with two mediums and methods of creating:

Sculptural pieces, using paper pulp.  The paper pulp is made from archival matboard offcuts, which I source from a local picture framer. These pieces may incorporate ‘found’ organic objects with occasional additions of drawing, relief printing and stitching using embroidery thread to embellish and attach.  I get immense satisfaction from using materials, which are pre-used, surplus or just ‘found’. Both the constraints and possibilities of this medium inform the work.  The addition of organic matter may result in a change of colour and structure with age; however, the inclusion also gives the work a unique reference to time and place.

My painting practice includes the careful rendering of gouache on water colour paper.  I have always seen in shapes, lines and patterns and this medium allows me to work with subtle colours rendered in flat planes. Through contemplation of the landscape serene stylised images emerge that are recognisable subjects imbued with unique design.

I am looking forward to the opportunity of being able to immerse myself in my work in a completely different environment.  Sharing this residency with another artist will, I am sure, be mutually beneficial.

Absorbing the knowledge of the local plants and papermaking methods at Curtin Springs unique location.   Also being able to both learn and share ideas at the workshops.

I am also very excited about being able to take part in the experience of the full moon walk around the crystalline Salt Lake

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Ruby Purple – 19th May to 4th June 2018

Artform – Mixed Media Abstract artist & wearable art creator

Ruby Purple is an abstract painter & wearable art creator based in Brisbane Queensland. Conceptually her art practice interprets the ‘Preservation of our Environment’ where she explores the elemental and emotional impacts to humanity and our natural world by capturing the fragility and strength of nature and its ever-changing balance. As a result, her work expresses a simple beauty, a luminous transcendence, the same way the elements of nature come together to captivate the human spirit and allow us to wonder at nature’s splendour. Her aim is to bring awareness towards preserving this transient beauty.
She exhibits and is featured in publications locally, nationally and internationally allowing her message to reach a broader platform. She is primarily a self-taught artist with studies in Counselling, Design and Interior Decorating. Ruby Purple has been a finalist in the Contemporary Art Awards, Rotary Art Spectacular, Lethbridge 10 000 and the Brisbane Art Prize along with selection as one of the Top 60 Masters of Contemporary Art held in France.
She extends her creativity by offering wearable art where she designs bespoke pieces and Vegan-friendly scarves made of fabrics displaying her transposed artworks. She also provides a licensing service allowing designers the use of her artwork images.

I am looking forward to Connections! The opportunity to live in the outback for a short time, meet the people, see the landscapes and beauty, learn & share knowledge. The relationships between flora, fauna and people and to create using mixed media. To see the Stars!

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Sandra Pearce – 27th July to 12th Aug 2018

Artform – Printmaking and Paper Objects

I’m a Brisbane based artist with a background in painting, printmaking and papermaking.  I’m a maker of artist books, printed imagery and paper installations incorporating distinctive textural and colourful monoprinting techniques.   I like to work ‘outside the frame’ to develop a variety of narratives for exploring my personal connection to wider issues impacting natural habitats.

My work examines the notion of boundaries, domestication, and the manipulation of landscape, focusing on nature-human conflicts.  I’m particularly interested in the impact of urbanisation on the biodiversity of native wildlife and plants.

Over the past ten years, I’ve exhibited widely in both regional and private art galleries, with several solo exhibitions.  My artist books have been acquired by the State Library of Queensland for their artist book collection.  My monoprints have been acquired by major institutions both in Australia and overseas as part of folio box projects, as well as prints being held in local public hospital collections.

I’m excited about exploring my art practice within the context of the Curtin Springs property, people and environs.  Connecting with a remote landscape that I’ve never experienced before will be a stimulating and creative experience.

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Ann Meyer – 4th August to 14th Aug 2018

Artform – Drawing with Acrylic Ink on Paper

I am an artist living and working in West Bend, Wisconsin, USA.  I teach acrylic ink drawing at University of Wisconsin Colleges, Waukesha County, Wisconsin, and my work is represented in the Gallery of Wisconsin Art (GOWA) in West Bend, Wisconsin.  My current ink drawings on paper involve a method I call penpoint impressionism.  This is a highly meticulous freehand method of applying ink, with pen, to paper that is both visually natural and organic.  The goal is to capture the essence or impression of landscape, whether it is vast, or ominous, or windswept, and to capture that in a very small format piece that is created entirely by hand, highly intricate, and visually stunning both in its use of brilliant color, its texture, and its presentation of the subject or landscape.   I am especially looking forward to participating in the artist-in-residence program at Curtin Springs, Australia, because working with the landscape imagery in the areas surrounding Curtin Springs, combined with work on paper made from natural local grasses, will create a physical, visual and conceptual integration within the work that will be both exciting and exquisite in the process of creation and in the final pieces.  And since an important part of my work involves creating a uniquely textured surface, I am especially interested in, and challenged by, the concept of co-locating this penpoint impressionistic method of working with the natural texture of the handmade paper surface itself.  As applied on natural, handmade paper, this landscape imagery will embody a stunningly visual, conceptual, and physical fusion of imagery, drawing surface, and environmental origin.

I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work, collaborate, and share insight on combining natural handmade paper with freehand acrylic ink drawings inspired by the physical environment and stunning landscapes surrounding Curtin Springs.

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Rachel Anne Buch – 20th October to 3rd Nov 2018

Artform – Mixed Media

Rachel Anne Buch is a Sydney based artist practicing in primarily sculptural, installation and performance based work. Her work often focuses on experience as a methodology of appreciating art and explores themes of empathy, desire and emotional connections to childhood, in a range of mediums from ceramics to colourful performance based installations.

Buch graduated from the  National Art School in 2014, with a BFA, majoring in ceramics. Since then she developed her own projects as both artist and curator, including works and exhibitions for spaces such as the Bondi Pavilion, Glebe Markets, Perry Lane and Gaffa.

I am so excited to be able to visit and work with Curtin Springs Paper. It is a dream come true to be able to work for a short period in Central Australia and to be inspired by the nature and landscape. I feel so privileged to have the opportunity to learn the paper making craft from such talented artists and artisans that reside in CSP.

Anna Austin – 20th October to 3rd Nov 2018

Artform – Printmaker

I am a printmaker living in Adelaide.I use different processes, like mezzotint, etching and linocut, to create still life images. In 2016 I received funding from Arts SA to attend a papermaking workshop at the Awagami Factory in Japan. I am attending another of their workshops in 2018. It is this interest in making paper from ‘scratch’ that led me to Curtin Springs.

I am looking forward to making paper in the Australian landscape.

Karen McCrone – 16th to 31st March 2019

Artform – Eco dyeing and book making

On a recent Central Australian trip I collected the odd leaf or two from the ground, and ‘pressed’ them in the novel I was reading.  On my return to Tasmania I had a dyeing day and remembered my leaf collection from the Centre.  Wow.  The colours and patterns produced most vibrant and different to my usual cool climate foliage.

Dyeing results differ significantly when using rain water as against sea water.  I wonder what effects and differences might be attained using the waters from the variety of bores on Curtin Springs station?

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Heather Matthew – 12th April to 29th April 2019

Artform – Papermaker and mixed media artist

I am a papermaker and mixed media artist whose work explores material and environmental resonance, vibrations both visible and invisible which connect humans with each other and the non human world. These are expressed through prints, artist books and multi media installations.

My existing papermaking practice primarily uses banana plant fibre as well as recycled cotton, linen and hemp clothing. These papers are determined by my current projects, including community paper and print workshops. I am drawn to projects which explore interconnection, between people, places and the cosmos.

Paper is itself an active material, providing its own sounds and images. I interact with paper through making it, handling it, walking on it, printing on it, moulding it into forms or entering into a collaboration with the material and environment to create marks.

For many years I created a small paper collage every day, stitching scraps of paper and paper ephemera like train tickets, torn posters, old prints and repurposed book pages onto a 10cm square piece of paper. A year of these stitched collages was exhibited at the Tweed Regional Art Gallery in Murwillumbah in 2011.

More recently I have recorded sounds made during the process of making paper and the subsequent images created from playing these sounds into water. As an offshoot of this research I am now focused on translating the sounds of birdsong and human speech into visual graphics and incorporating these into woven paper artist books.

Kneading and crinkling handmade paper using a Japanese momigami technique has extended my paper art into 3D forms which are also an exciting new direction for my arts practice.

I am looking forward to interacting with the people and desert flora of central Australia to create a stitched and momigamied paper rug connecting fibre, people and the local environment.  I am also especially looking forward to being in residence at the same time as another fibre artist, to share ideas and to learn about papermaking with the papermakers of Curtain Springs. This will give me a great opportunity to experience how Australian native grasses can be incorporated into my own work.

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Samantha Tannous – 12th April to 29th April 2019

Artform – Sculpture, fibre art 

I am a fibre artist living and working on the pristine NSW South Coast. The Australian bush and coastal landscapes are an intrinsic part of our identity, informing our lifestyles, and influencing our notions of light and colour. The bush and the sea undergo constant transformation, revealing new sights and treasures for those who look. My bowerbird nature comes to the fore and is evident in the bowl of banksia cones, the vase of stones, the pile of metallic, translucent shells and the driftwood that sits by the front door, continuing to bleach and age.

Currently inspired by all of that and more, my fibre sculptures aim to capture moments of beauty and transition in the Australian landscape. The textures, the rich colour palette and the complex forms are both a challenge and a natural fit for felt and fibre, which are blended, shaped and manipulated into abstract representations to evoke a memory of our landscape.

As a feltmaker primarily, I am also interested in incorporating other natural fibres into my works, by experimenting with the relationship that wool forms with other materials – such as the plants that form the basis of the Curtin Springs paper products, and indeed the papers themselves.

Instagram – curiousweaver

Kaz Madigan – Curiousweaver Studio

1st to 15th September 2019

Artform – Handweaving and constructed textiles

I have been weaving for most of my life, continually fascinated by threads that interlace and twist. But my curiousity has been greatest in discovering why people weave in such different ways and with such different tools around our world. I’m always astounded by human ingenuity.   Humans weave to make life more comfortable or meaningful . Textiles are mostly flexible, warm, cooling, functional or decorative…they are the good things in life and continue to be.

I now focus on Saori free weaving. This is an approach to weaving which originated in Japan and emphasises the human spirit and it’s innate ability to create. It gives us permission, if we need it, to utterly immerse ourselves in creating with yarns and fibres. I guide weavers in this approach while maintaining my love and exploration of all woven structures…historic and contemporary.

I am the author of the Australian Weaving Book and have written for many craft magazines over the past 30 years.  I continue to teach and share my passion for the woven cloth.

I am looking forward to the colours, textures, space, people and culture…  all woven together in the middle of Australia.

Previously hosted artists as part of the Curtin Springs Paper Artist in Residence Program

Deborah Clarke – November 2017

I have been working with Curtin Springs Paper since late 2014, the year the paper mill opened. Curtin Springs Paper featured largely in my 2016 exhibition ‘Flora’. As Artist in Residence at Curtin Springs I was able to carry out some paper experiments I had wanted to do for some time. I am practiced at the process of natural dyeing and eco printing on silk and wool but I was keen to see what results I would get on the hand made paper. So I set up a little studio/lab under cover, outdoors, where I could safely boil up natural dyes and eucalyptus leaves on a camp stove. These were then applied to the hand made paper. The results were fascinating though not always brilliant. So being first and foremost a ‘plein air’ practitioner I turned my attention back to working in the landscape. It was very hot however, being November, not a comfortable time in the landscape really, so I rose early to beat the heat and flies, drawing upon the beautiful dawn colours using pastel pencils (Pitt Pencils) on spinifex paper.  The big skies always delight me at Curtin Springs and we were blessed with some spectacular storms. So I worked each day on drawings of Mt Connor and the so-called ’Halfway Tree’, a singular Desert Oak of magnificent proportions and significance. With tourism being such an important part of the Curtin Springs stable I played with the notions of postcards and narrative, developing a couple of concertina books using handmade paper, that bear reference to old fashioned fold out post cards. I will continue to develop more of these over time. As always I took lots of photos and reveled in the good creative company at Curtin Springs. I worked with Amee helping her develop concepts for textiles and clothing for her entry in Eco Fashion Week in Perth, it was fun! Amee is a courageous creative and it’s always a pleasure to work along side her.

**Deb also has a business called Larapinta Creative Camps, running week long art camps into remarkable and unique places in Central Australia. To have a look at upcoming camps and images and stories from previous camps have a look at the website