They say home is where the heart is, even if it is spread over a million acres of remote Central Australia!

Curtin Springs has been home to the Severin family since 1956, when Peter Severin arrived with his young wife Dawn, their toddler son Ashley and 1,500 head of cattle. At Curtin Springs we balance beef production with being a million acre wildlife corridor, and offer many ways for visitors to connect with the spectacular landscape. Our hearts are deeply connected to this remote part of Australia and we invite you to take a ‘peek behind the curtain’ to explore the wonders of our home.

Located just 100km east of Ayers Rock or 360km south west of Alice Springs, Curtin Springs offers a perfect base from which to visit the Ayers Rock and Kings Canyon areas. Or stay a while longer and ‘peel back the layers’ by including our experiences, tours and hospitality in your travel plans.




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Curtin Springs Wayside Inn

Book Now Enjoy our authentic homestyle meals, our lovely gardens and take an opportunity to unwind in what visitors refer to as an oasis. The historic Bough Shed offers the perfect place for a cold beer, hot cuppa or a meal. Our 27 accommodation rooms provide options for singles, families and groups in our Ensuite, Family or Budget rooms.
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Curtin Springs Paper

You can share the wonders of our home and get to know our history, landscape and connection to the land through our paper. Our handmade paper is made from the native grasses found on the cattle station, and is a distinctive and beautiful souvenir of Central Australia. Join one of our tours or workshops.
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Curtin Springs Station

Curtin Springs Station is a privately owned cattle station. With over 4000 head of cattle, we are crucially aware of our responsibility in caring for the land and balance beef production with protecting a million acre wildlife corridor. You can hear how we do this, and see some of the station’s cattle yards by joining one of our 4WD tours or a Curtin Springs Walk.
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Curtin Springs Walks

Curtin Springs Walks are designed for those who are looking to step gently into the environment and to appreciate being in the landscape. The combination of ancient and vast salt lakes, different land types each with their unique features and textures, the effect of the changing light during the day and on Mt Conner in the late afternoon, are sure to take your breath away. One and two day walking packages are available.
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Curtin Springs Beef

Curtin Springs is working toward being able to sell home-grown beef direct to the public from our Wayside Inn and to use only our meat for customer meals. In the meantime, ask what Curtin Springs Beef is on the menu today at the Wayside Inn. (link to Wayside Inn page)

Curtin Springs stands as a testimony to the commitment of Peter and Ashley Severin to both the pastoral and tourism industries. Peter Severin opened his homestead as a key stop for passing travelers on their way to Ayers Rock. He and his wife Dawn installed petrol pumps and a small store to help Len Tuit start tourism in the Ayers Rock area. Looking at the area now it’s hard to believe that the Severins only saw 6 people in their first year here! They have watched the tourism industry grow ever since.

The Severin family offer you a real taste of the outback, with modern facilities and an atmosphere that people come back for.