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Curtin Springs Station is over 1 million acres in size running a herd of approximately 4000 head.

We run British breed cattle (not brahmans) with a composite herd serviced by Murray Grey bulls. The increasing core breeding herd of Murray Grey cows provide ongoing replacement heifers.

Curtin Springs is working toward being able to sell home-grown beef direct to the public from our Wayside Inn and to use only our meat for customer meals.

However, to meet the legal requirements, meat must be slaughtered in a licensed abattoir, so when the little abattoir in Alice Springs isn’t working full ti140612_0098me, we have to send animals 1800km south or north to be slaughtered and then get the meat back home again. Lots of food miles in that!

So, we are still working on having our meat always available, but in the meantime, ask what Curtin Springs Beef is on the menu today at the Curtin Springs Wayside Inn.

The Murray Greys
We are the only station in Central Australia currently breeding Murray Greys. They have a number of traits that we believe work well for us:
• Very placid and calm—they are increasingly being sought by feedlots and abattoirs.
• Small head, lower birth weight, we don’t assist calving.
• Happy to walk to get something to eat and drink.
• Happy to mother up someone else’s calf.
• A similar size and aged Murray Grey steer will generally weigh heavier and yield better than other breeds.
• The bulls would rather F#*K than fight and we need bellies full of arms and legs (pregnant cows) not the bulls trying to prove how good they are by fighting with each other.