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Necklace/Kerosene Grass Paper Beads

Made by hand in Central Australia using products made and collected on the million acre cattle station we call home. The paper used to make this piece of jewellery is hand made from the native Central Australian Grass in the Old Abattoir.

This piece is made from hand made Kerosene Grass Paper rolled beads. The most amazing thing about a year with record rainfall was the colour changes in the grasses and therefor the paper. Fresh Kerosene Grass made beautiful green paper and green beads, and the clay from our clay pan was used to colour some of the paper red. This necklace showcases the amazing colour changes our landscape has experienced this year.

We hope you enjoy your wonderful piece of jewellery, knowing it is a handmade and one-off piece.

Antique Silver chain and clasp

Rolled bead length – 1-3cm

Necklace length – 65cm (approx)

Made from Curtin Springs Paper and part of The Dawn Collection