The Dawn Collection honours Dawn, who was Peter’s wife and Ashley’s mother.

Dawn made Curtin Springs a home – she was a pioneer, a lady, a wife and a mother.

However, dawn is also the sun peeking over the horizon shedding a light on our home.

Each piece of jewellery is handmade using Curtin Springs Paper and inspired by our lives – the beauty, the challenges and our connection with the intricacies of our landscape and home.

The Dawn Collection symbolises how our Curtin Springs Paper is transformed – just as the landscape is transformed by the glow of the rising sun.

Every Dawn is different. Every Dawn is special. Every Dawn is a gift.

Each piece from the Dawn Collection is presented in a perfectly designed magnetic display box. You can put your jewellery piece back into the box after each wear so it doesn’t get lost in the drawer, and show off your collection!